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Da wir laut einer Marketing-Analyse im Vergleich zu Helene Fischer überdurchschnittlich viele IT-affine Nerds in unserer Fan-Bubble haben, könnten sich diese für das Rahmenprogramm rund um unseren Gig am Freitag in Karlsruhe interessieren: bunte-nacht-der-digitalisierun

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Das allerwichtigste bei Projekten, unabhängig davon wie weit sie fortgeschritten sind, ist:
Sie brauchen einen Namen und ein fancy Logo 😂

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On June 27th 1972, Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney incorporated Atari Inc in Sunnyvale, California. The rest is history.

Happy 50th birthday, Atari!


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Hello! Wie schon angedroht, gibt's hier die CCH038! Es geht um CHERRY (@org_cherry), natürlich auch um die Keyboards und Switches die @cherrymx hervorgebracht hat und warum m.M.n. Cherry einer der wichtigsten Säulen des Hobbys ist. Habt Spaß damit! 😘

Ich hab mal versucht, Links zu allen meinen Projekten und Web-Präsenzen zusammenzutragen.

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Don't forget that Violet will be organising the magical musical tracker module Saturday Morning Demoshow this weekend, so get your suggestions over to her soon! Her production quality is amazing so it will be a treat for the eyes as well as the ears! #demoscene

Neuer TELE83-Track ist fertig, Videoidee ist vorhanden. Nachher mal Blender anwerfen.

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We should bring back the <blink> tag. I mean, what fucking difference does it make at this point?

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KiCad Version 6.0.6 Released

The KiCad project is proud to announce the fifth version 6 bug fix release.


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So I asked GPT-3 to write a three act story about a man who finds a sentient banana charged with a mission to save the moon from transdimensional defenestration. 

...and this is what it wrote:

The man, who we'll call John, was just minding his own business, walking down the street, when he saw a banana lying on the ground. He decided to pick it up, and when he did, the banana spoke to him.

"Hello, John. I am a sentient banana charged with a mission to save the moon from transdimensional defenestration. I need your help."

John was understandably shocked, but he agreed to help the banana. Together, they set out to save the moon.

Act II

The pair quickly realized that they were in over their heads. They didn't know how to stop the transdimensional defenestration, or even what that was. But the banana was determined, and John was not about to give up.

They did some research and found out that the only way to stop the transdimensional defenestration was to close the portal that was causing it. But to do that, they would need to go to the other side.


John and the banana bravely stepped through the portal, and found themselves in a strange place. They were quickly attacked by the creatures that were causing the transdimensional defenestration.

But John and the banana were not alone. They were joined by a group of other people who had also been charged with saving the moon. Together, they were able to defeat the creatures and close the portal.

The moon was saved, and John and the banana were hailed as heroes.

Balkon, dunkel, Wind und death's dynamic shroud auf den Kopfhörern.

Der ultimativ verglitchte Pop-Sample-Wahnsinn! 💜

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