Looking for a few people to test the Exposure Notifications API of @microg

- Update your microG to microg.org/dl/core-en.apk
- Install and set up your local gov corona tracing app xda-developers.com/google-appl
- Verify that microG settings has Exposure Notifications enabled and shows the app as using it
- When you are in public tomorrow, go to microG settings again and verify that "Collected IDs" shows a higher number
- Report back here with device name and android version+rom


@larma @microg I cannot activate the notifications, and the German CWA does not recognize the services. Tested with Lineage 16.0 on Sony XperiaX.

@mase can you please show your microG self-check?

@mase no Signature spoofing no contact tracking. Try lineage.microg.org

@Kurt Lineage MicroG is not available for my device. I have to use an unoffocial build.

@Kurt @larma I patched my device with the nanodroid patcher, and signature spoofing works now. But I am still unable to activate the exposure notifications. Removing and reinstalling the microg core did not help.

@larma Everything, except the signature of phonesky.

@mase That one also needs to be fixed first. You probably need to manually enable signature spoofing permission (through system settings or adb) for the FakeStore app.

@larma @Kurt Thx for your help to get it to run, and thx for the great work with MicroG.

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